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# Sleepin mOnkey : you could came to the usa (i could help you ship your cars)
Mm, I'm thinking USA now, I bring Cresta because it more likely to pass test than AE86.

# Juancitoo2003 : Hey, are you okay?
If you want to come with me to Sendai, you can stay at my house and bring your things, so you do not run danger, Although you would have to get a license for weapons and a panic button, just in case
I may moving to USA.

One lovely guy came into garage, he ask me nicely, "Is Cresta for sale?". I told him, I'm not sure. He show me 20,000V$ cash, he said "This cash worth as your Cresta, take money meaning I bought Cresta." I replied, "I give you call, I need time to thinks, also Cresta is awaiting new ECU." He said "Don't worry just get ECU replace, and I spent reset damaged, I gotta go." as he rush off. Shall I accept his deal...?

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