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# Juancitoo2003 : Hey, maybe I can help you to make that little kitty turn into a tiger (speaking seriously, I can go there and help you with that car, I know some typical faults of this vehicle that make it not work)
I'm okay to working myself, if I'm struggle, I will let you know, also you got triple post same time.

# saletl : That is a good price, but you probably need to speend a load on it to get it running.
Here,it possible to not blew my budget. VV

My plans AE86 to legal:
    Fixs any faulty parts.
    Service it.
    Get engine running and check compression.
    Sandblash it to show hidden rusty.
    Weld any rusty.
    Re-spray it.
    Give "Panda" looks.
    Try save parts as many as possible.
    Clean interior up.

Andd, I will sell AE86 for profit.

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