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Good Morning people !

Since i was away for a while, i needed a daily car, so i went looking and i saw this 99' Audi A4 1.9 TDi for sale.

Went to check up the car, everything seemed ok overall, has leather seats, HID headlights, etc etc.

From a little chat with the owner, he said that he done an engine swap, so the car was originally a 1.9 TDi 90hp, and he swapped to a 1.9 TDI PD130 from a golf.

Other thing he done to the car, that is ugly and riced up is that dtm backbox, but i'll replace it soon and he installed some 17" Audi rims, i think this are the ones from the audi TT.

I've already got some plans for this A4, news soon !


As i got the car, i've done some maintenance like the oil and filter change, timing chain and done an overall check-up to the car, looks good.


Car: 3,500 V% + 500V$ (Oil and filter change/Timing change, all around check-up)

Paycheck x 5 2375V$

Balance: 46.390V$

Added 1 hour 5 minutes later:

Couldn't stand looking at the car like this ... so ... very busy saturday morning rushing from scrapyard to scrapyard and a quick stop at the local tuner shop got some parts and ...

Here's the V 1.0 of the A4 !

Parts bought:

Audi S4 front bumper: 75V$

FMIC and piping + install: 150V$

Straight pipe exhaust plus welding: 100V$

Koni Coilovers: 500V%

VW Amarok Wheels and Tyres: 350V%


Balance: 45,215 V$

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