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More Classics...

Who doesnt like a piece of automotive history at it's ownership, personaly i love and respect all kinds of classics since i got into cars but this time i may admit that i went a "little" too much on my love. So let's begin the list of classics with My dodge Charger wich i traded for another mopar that i've been wanting more than a charger a 68 Dart 2 door shell and 5k in the trade Also a very beaten 440(No pics for now).
Now leaving my american car behind let's go to the oppsite side and show my Skoda 100 that i bought from Jac wich i realy have a nice idea but dont realy know when i am bringing it to real total i paid 1600 (car+shipping)

Now for the japanese goodies let's begin with a 240Z that came with a rb30 block wich i exchanged with my friend for my Sc300 Shell, planning on a track car with a wangan racer Style. For new stuff i got a Kenmeri Shell and a Hakoskua (2000-Gt) that aperently sat for toooooooo long in japan but is 100% salvable and aperently not too bad. I only got those boys because salet's Found those pieces of jewerely in japan for only 3400 bucks in total too what a BARGAIN, And the best bit they already are in a ship that will arrive next Friday.

# saletl : Hey sleepy! got your "rides"

What of those cars Should i mess in second ?(the Hako already is first priority).
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