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Advances in the Bug Project!

I pulled the engine from the back
Change original shock absorbers and springs for adjustable coilover

I changed rims and tires for 15-inch ones, and 4 Bf goodrich 205-55-r15 tires

I changed the original brakes, which were no longer available, for a 4 disc brake kit

I changed the aesthetics of the car, removing:
- Front and rear bumper
- Side sockets

I bought a K24A3 engine (from an Acura TSX), to adapt it to the Bug, and with this engine around 170 hp, the bug will have an improvement of 135 hp, and with the light weight of the bug, it will be an incredible machine, but, It will be a giant job the swap, and since it is the only car that I have, I will have to buy some car for normal use
Finances :
V$ 15476-V$ 620 (Rims and tires)-V$ 2000 (Coilovers)-V$ 2500 (Engine swap)-V$ 540 (Front and back brake kits)=V$ 9816

Rp cars :
1966 Volkswagen Beetle (K24 N-A SWAP , 200HP , Cheap Project)
2003 Toyota Aristo (2JZ N-A Automatic , Daily car)
1989 Nissan Silvia S13 (SR18 N-A Engine , Soon, 2jz)
2000 Toyota Aristo ( 2JZ , Engine donor for S13, The rest is sold by parts or whole, MP interested )
2002 Toyota Altezza (Car crash damage , 200hp MT Version)
1999 Toyota Aristo V300 (2JZ Twin turbo , 280hp , good condition)
2000 Toyota Aristo (2JZ N-A , 230HP , Good Condition)
2002 Toyota Aristo (2jz N-A , 230 HP , Little crash damage in the rear left fender , and electrical damage , doesn't run)