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I just bought a Beetle!
It's a Volkswagen Beetle from the year 1966
Motor Boxer 1.6 with 35 hp more or less (It is very slow, I know), And has more than 250000 miles (The previous owner told me that he broke the odometer at 250000, and does not know how much, will be more than 280000 surely, although it does not matter, because soon rebuild the engine, or change it)
Luckily it has no rust and is in very good condition
I bought it for V$ 4500 in a junkyard, it would not start, then I would change the battery and the spark plugs and start perfect
I want to do a Rat-Stance project with this car, I will show you the changes that I made to the car
Finances :
V$ 20000-V$ 4500-V$ 24=V$ 15476

Added 13 minutes later:

Good and bad news
The bad news: The motor of the beetle, died, He made a hole in the block, a thousand cracks, the pistons are destroyed
The good news: I'll make you a swap! , I will change that 1.6 engine for one of these options:
You tell me which one you recommend me, and if you prefer to give me to choose other options, Tell me here or by private message

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