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Let's reveal it...

So , yesterday , a car arrived at Takeshi's shop. Takeshi called me and asked
-"Hey , why is this XXXXXXXX at my shop ? Come check it out , it might be for you..."

I ran as fast as I could to Takeshi's shop and I saw it. It was an S14.

We moved the car into the shop and started inspecting it. After about 5 minutes I see a note taped to the steering wheel. Here's what it said:

Hey Erwin. You might be asking youself why is this car here , in Japan. I am gifting you this car because , well , this was my project car , now it's yours. Sadly I ran out of money to build it and I decided to send it to you , because I know how much you love working and modifying cars. All I want you to do with this car is have fun building it and drift the heck out of it. I don't need any money for it , as I said , I am gifting you my S14.
As you can see , it's far from finished , so it will keep you entertained for a while. Send me some pics when it's finished.

Have fun going sideways !

- Your best friend , Mike , from California.

I was mindblown when I realised that my best friend gifted my his project car. This is going to be a fun , long term project , so stay stoked.

I stayed up all night looking and inspecting the S14. Here's a little list of mods that have been made to this S14:

Anyway , there's no rust on this car , it's clean af.

So , here are some pics of the car , finally :

Sadly , a mirror got damaged from shipping , but don't worry. I will make this car look brand new.

Anyway , that's all for now , stay stoked.


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# Sleepin mOnkey : looking better maybe a miata
not even close... :))
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# Jfernando1 : R32?
nope , but I want one. :D
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# FamousMan : im guessing fc or s13 maybe? either way I'm excited to see what you have planned for it!
you were close ! Stay stoked , I have lots of plans for it...