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Hey guys , I'm back and it's finally Friday.

So , nothing really happened this week. I worked my ass off at the shop and got 1450V$ (164305.949 yen). I also did the engine swap for the JZX. The engine I traded my blown up 1J is a 2JZ-GE which has a JUN stoker kit installed. Here's some pics before we've put the engine in the car :

Here's a little list of specs for the 2J :

The engine runs so smooth ! Everything regarding the 2J is amaizing.

Now , you may ask : "Why did you choose the 2JZ-GE?". I chose this engine because one of Takeshi's friends has a engine shop where he restores engines and things like that. This engine was really cheap and I decided to trade my whole 1J for this engine. I will install a turbo kit in the future , but for now , I think it has enough power.

That's all for now , but later today I should meet someone to buy something. Stay stoked !