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Like the title says, my 180 has been painted.
Wasn't planning on getting it painted so soon but after I side-swiped a wall at Mobara, I finally had a reason to get my pos painted.
Took longer than usual because I got my bay airbrushed with a design.

Like I said I had an "accident" at Mobara, what happened was that a tire blew while transitioning and sent me off into a wall.
I just scratched up my paint badly, but luckily I only kerbed my teardrops a bit.
Car was running fine after the little mishap. At least until it overheated anyway. Better radiator coming soon.

I was sent this shot of the car during painting with the first coat of primer on. It's nice to see it finally painted a single color.

I got it painted to a Gunmetal Gray with Lime Green door sills and engine bay. The engine bay being the main attraction. It cost me V$1,500 for the paintjob, inside and out.

I love this engine bay. I could stare at it for daaaysss.

I had been picking up some parts while the car was in for paint.
I got Chrome D-Max tail lights from UpGarage for V$630 and a Nardi Classic from UpGarage too for V$135.

Next thing up is probably Underglow. Love underglow.
Plates and stuff are back on now after the paint fully settled.

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