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So guys remember that i've been in a travel to Nikko few days ago and i haven't post any updates on it, well, because, i kinda fucked up.

So i meet a bunch of Cool guys with sick drifting skills - 11000RPM, Bad.compqny, Mackay, Lagano, Skip , Soju ,KondzixsPL and a bunch of people i couldn't remember. You remember that i said that 11kRPM and Soju were Korean natives - so i hope they'll be enjoying Japan! Anyway, all of them were also an active blogger IIRC. check their own respective page. Some of the pic i use for the update also from theirs, so thanks a lot guys!

Ok, back to the topic, so what happened with my 86? Well you guessed it - i crashed. I don't think this is an uncommon thing anymore since i always trash a car in every few months. You can say that i did the style but no skill! Anyway You may wonder why it could happen? Well turns out that there's some kind of mistake - Not trying to be a tinfoil hat here - from myself and also the track.

I got this kinda-blurry pic from someone who apparently did some photo hunt at the corner i crashed. I can see what's the mistake i've made here - i touched the kerb too hard and makes my car automatically tried to stabilizes while produces a Sudden Understeer. Due to it's raw power and a weight handicap i had to stiffen the suspension - Turns out it produces the problem instead.

Ok here's the part that really grinds my gear so hard - Well, the crash is actually quite possible to escape but apparently there's some kind of huge boulder at the gravel trap that makes my car bounces and destroys both my Front Bumper and the exhaust. Then it ends with me crashing the wall, destroying the front suspension. You know that a race track Shouldn't have a fucking boulder in their race track, right? Jeez.

Well apparently the damage wasn't violent enough to busted my car completely. Then i decided to do some deeper check up when i get into my friends' garage. In the end i called the towing truck since driving it was impossible and it forces me to dig my wallet a bit deeper.

So far the problem that we've found was a cracked radiator, Missing Exhaust (Thanks 11000RPM for noticing me that thing lmao) Busted front right Suspension, curved wheels, Bent steering joint, and some of cosmetic parts were need some refinement. Some parts were pretty much fixable but some parts doesn't. I'd say while it's a shitty thing it also opens some chance to experiment new stuff with my car, both mechanically and aesthetically. Since i was pretty much free at the moment i think i will don't have any problem with...

....oh yeah i had another project car to do.

Oh i'm so fucked up....

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