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#132262   2017-10-29 15:36          
# Renaruto : Kinda sad that I can't join you guys at Nikko since I'm at the drift event on Mobara.. But that E46 looks damn nice on those RPF1s!

Don't worry, we will get together in the future for sure. I hope you will have fun at Mobara too. Also thanks !

# KondzixsPL : ohh the good old cut springs...
looks good tho
btw, does it have the m sport body package? Looks like it does.

Thanks Kondzixs! It only has M-TECH II front bumper, everything else is stock.

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Sick bimmer ! I wish I could drift with you at Nikko but my JZX is being worked on right now... Maybe next time... ;)

Thanks man ! We will definitely go for some skids sometime, maybe in touge ? :)