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Thanks everyone  @};-   :-X 
JZX90 < JZX100

My new daily car.I really liked the JZX90 but i love the JZX100 even more.So this car was for auction yesterday,graded 4/5 it caught my eyeball.Spec wise it was modified.For 4000V$ this is what i got.

1JZ-GTE w/ a 2JZ head.

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator,upgraded injectors to 550CC

No-name blow-off valve

Greddy oil filter,ARC radiator,HKS cam belt and that's it.

Stock 2.5" exhaust,soon enough i'm going straight pipe,cause the sound of this engine is just pure bonkers.

Tourer V front splitter.17" Wheels with Kumho's,i don't know the brand since the center cap is missing.

Carbon-trim everywhere,which came from the factory,A/C,stereo all that goodness.EX-owner changed the gauge cluster to a TRD g-cluster,marked to 320 km/h.It's unfortunately A/T,that's also why the price is like that.Manuals can go as high as 11K V$.Horsepower wise i don't know how much yet,i'm guessing 350-ish.The car has more space then it's previous little brother.I also have a Sun-roof.I don't know what to do with my JZX90,i'd like to keep it just in-case i need a backup car since i just done some stuff to it and got attached.It's going to be hard to sell it.

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