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Yesterday's weather was perfect and warm.

Which is why i did some work on the Nissn.Luckily the amount of 240's in junkyards is real.Mark (toyota) has stayed the same so no need for updates on that mofo.

So as i mentioned i was lacking a FL window,i got it off a junkyard for 40V$,looking around the donour car for some more parts i decided i'll take the hatch door too,cause mine was really busted and it was ziptied to stay shut,the donor's car had a broken rear windshield but the hatch door was in excellent condition. 200V$ for that MO-FO and i was back on the road to home.

Installing the door window was 2easy.But the rear windshield was a pain.But it's there.

Now i have less wind in my fucking cabin.

Ditched the front quarterpanels.They looked really shit.As i told you,I bought the front and rear bumper but they are pretty damn preserved,it was off some private source. I grabbed a hackSaw and cut out the grills and heightened the intercooler cut-out,same with the rear bumper,have them at home and didn't bring them today with me,i'll sort that when i get QP's.The bent left sideskirt is back in it's place and filled up oil and gas. I'll do my finances next time

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