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#127163   2017-08-22 14:43          
Been prepping the Silvia up lately for a track day with Henry.
Snapped a few cell phone pictures of some of the progress as well.
Snapchat images so bare with me please haha

Bought a Cusco strut bar for ¥12,109 and managed to install it with very little problems.

Also took the Brayton's off and threw on some M-Tech Battle wheels as drift spares. Kinda digging the look of the battles but I don't see myself leaving them on

Fitment is reaaaaaal tight. Also you may or may not notice the rear splash guards! Finally got those in the other day and could not be more pleased with the look.

I was also able to throw on some old Q's bumpers that were laying around, didn't wanna destroy my DMAX kit on the track. Even though these are in decent shape, minus the missing turn signals I wont mind thrashing them if it does happen.

(btw i'm an idiot and forgot to put my window textures back in so ignore the no stickers plz)