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Hello everyone!

Since in my (what, 3 years now?) of being on VS, I didn't do much (except be pretty active on the Car/part search thread)

I decided to try to actually fix some not that great scripted cars (Since i currently am fixing a IROC Camaro that didn't really play nicely with the dealers and stuff)

I will need help from you guys, A LOT of help actually, and i might eventually start making my own stuff.

First off, i still need to script an engine to the IROC, because it doesn't spawn with one.

I wanted to use the LS3, but that failed miserably.

So if Miegalius (not calling only him out, but if someone has ideas on how to help me) would share his techniques how he made the cars work in his 90's pack, i'd be grateful :)

Picture of how the 'maro stands now:


Forgot that i have to use the VS image hosting lol (i'm a dumbass)