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The next day, I decided to take my Audi for a drive.

I kept driving. And driving...
Traffic car here, traffic car there
"The highway's quiet today..." I thought to myself.

However, one of those traffic cars, an Estima Lucida, seemed to go angry at me and floored it...

Let's just say it deeeeefinitely wasn't stock. The engine sounded like a supercharged V8, and it seemed to have been converted to AWD.
Of course I can't just let someone overtake me, so that meant a race.

It's acceleration didn't seem to be affected much by the weight. My best guess is that weight reduction has happened. It easily zoomed past me.

He even used his blinkers when switching lane. Must definitely be a family man who wanted a non-boring commute car.
He went ahead of me, but not for long. One road bump and the awfully tall minivan spun out.

He gladly did not crash into the wall, somehow. I stopped to check onto him just in case something happened to the driver himself. He was just feeling a bit dizzy from spinning out according to him, and that was all. He went on his way after that.

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