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I Just got the Car back from the Body Shop. Sending it to a place I found online a few Days ago while I was searching for A new Diff. They said that they will do a full Weld-in Cage for 4,000V$.. Also ordered a pair of used HKS Coilovers for 2,000V$.. Along with a set of 15x10" Rears With 18x9" Fronts Weld Racing Wheels.. And For the Motor I Ended up Picking up a Stage 3+ Fuel System Kit from PHR Powerhouse The Difference Between the Normal Stage 3 and 3+ Were the Injectors.. The Normal Stage 3 Had a set of ID1000 Injectors Whereas the Stage 3+ Has ID2000... Quite a Big jump in Numbers...

Hopefully we can Keep Everything Sorta "Street Legal"

I Guaranteed this Car Was Gonna Live up to the Supra Name..

This was supposed to be posted 4 days ago....