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# THWOLF00 : Well, Here's How She is Sitting Right Now..

((OOC Only Pic I Have as of Rn Because My Pc Didn't upload them the way they should've been))

And Thanks Guys!!
Put My Old Weds Off of the GT-R When I First Got Her, onto the SX

Ended Up Ordering Almost 8,729V$ Worth of Parts for The SX... And 3k of it was for the Civic...
Also Bought a Rear Bumper of another Crashed 240Sx At a local Scrap yard. I Really Like the Color On it So Far. -100V$

Added 2 minutes later:

Oh Forgot To mention The 6" Lightbars I Retrofitted as Headlights!!! -60V$

Added 1 minute later:

Also Forgot About Telling you I Cut the Inner Fender for the Engine Bay so I'm able to Fit My Wheels With a Lowered Car.

Added 21 seconds later:

And Thanks For The Feedback guys! I Enjoy it alot!

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