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So earlier today me and a buddy went to go collect the S13 Shell. We travelled from Koyro to Ibaraki in a little car park area since he had trailered it there. I payed the man and we took off back through the city and then to Koyro. The amount of looks was surprising since its only a S13 shell nothing else. So i decided to plant it in the van and a black cloud was following us for about 5 minutes (Dirty Derv, No remap bro).

It's got the sexiest colour i've ever seen on it, but it has laquer peel on the rear end sasly but that will come out with a good detailing session.

Now im waiting for my engine to come which he said would be tomorrow or the day after since he lives the next city on from us. Ibaraki has some nice mountain roads that i need to hit soon.. Gives me a idea for the S13. It does have a EVO9 Recaro seat, 16" Steelies, 4 Pot WilWood 278mm Brakes and calipers, Some decent coilovers and thats about it spec wise atm

After i got the car back i took pics then went for a rag in the Teg (it's NA still) and does it go even if i want turbo.

Here's the pics anyway:

No need for finances since they have been done
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