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#121455   2017-05-10 19:25          
# Lagano : TBH your 86 looked better with the stock bumper, but maybe i think so just because you don't have the badge on now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The new colour looks hot and perfect for a racing livery, it was worth the trip! :D
i'm planning to putting back the "scion" badges back into my current front bumper but i'm afraid it'll get loose fast lol
the livery will be pretty much bonkers, just you wait. :P

# Smokiegun : That thing looks mental!
thanks :D

# markavodas : So cool! That thing looks just amazing!
Thanks a lot fam

# dariws : He did very well for a dude from the internet. xD
just like everyone who post their builds here, i guess. :P

# soju357 : Amazing color combination!
thank you!

# Ward : OMG boi that looks fresh as fuck I wanna tear it down on ebisu with ya

Let's re-ignite Team WESTKYO down on ebisu
fuck yes i'm down
guess i need some preparations