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# marcus915 : i am a big fan <3 you make me want to get overfenders

# FamousMan : Loving that wing man!
Whole car has a very nice super aggressive look to it. Keep it up man! Can't wait to see more in the future.


So few days ago i went into Docks and meet Mackay. He came with his Candy Purple 2007 Nissan 350Z.

Never seen a such sleek looking 350Z before. I was a huge fan of 2007 Nismo kit (the rear diffuser make me jizz). He told me that he almost decided to get a 370Z instead of this. Good call i say, since 350z is way, WAAAAY better looking than that monstrosity (no offense pls)
We took some photograph (excuse my shitty photograph lol) and few footage, may make some video if the result was good.
Oh yeah, he's also writing some blog about his build, check it out HERE,he's gonna upload more pics from our meet which is far lot better than mine ;)

Too bad our meeting was cut short because the delivery guy called me and told that he's been waiting for me for about 3 hours in front of my garage. Sorry Mackay!

anyway, would be cool if sometime, everyone in Osaka join us and do a meet up.


So yeah, it's the parts that i've ordered few days ago. Got a bunch of parts such as exhaust kit from HKS, and turbo kit and turbo headers from Greedy since i just realized that HKS doesn't make a turbo kit for 86. Now it runs with Single Greedy T518Z Turbo, boasting about 300 to 350HP-ish. Still a prediction though, since i haven't test it out at dyno properly.

FA20 with turbo is a very uncommon kind, actually. Most people runs with Supercharger but i'm not a fan of it's whistling sound. HKS has been experimenting with supercharger, like THIS one, but i don't think i wanna do it.... for now.

Also new HKS branded exhaust tip because why not.
(come on HKS plz endorse me)

Completed with brand new Varis Arising-II hood, since the engine need more air to breathe, i guess.

That's all for now!