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OVER HAUL!!!!!!!!
Got a little crazy over the past couple weeks.
Pulled the JSAI rear overfenders off and replaced them with Rocket Bunny V1's.
Also pulled the front fenders off and put on some Origin's.
Painted over the two tone for now because I wasn't getting anywhere with it. (will eventually be full two toned though)
New Wheels! SSR Reverse Mesh 15x9.5 with a black face.
Shakoton Style Mirrors
D-Max Roof Spoiler.
New Hood! Very Rare D-Drug X Origin Type II prototype collab. Before the D-Drug X Origin "Eagle" Hood was dropped.
And I now have real headlights as well as a GTR grille.
Q's Bumper with pignose lip. (Cracked my AERO front bumper like an idiot)
ALSO you might notice I got some new taillights.

Also grabbed a couple V-opt mags from a buddy of mine.

Stay tuned to see engine swap progress very soon!

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