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Hello there, wish you all a good year first of all !

So, i been away for a while but new year means new projects, i'm sad what i sold my both cars but i got a good deal and i couldn't refuse.

So the Mercedes was sold for V$ 6,500 and the civic was sold for V$ 5000

So i got a 03' E46 M3 for V$ 12,000 from a old man that is my neighbour, he can't drive anymore and it was a "garage car", mint mint mint, all services done and only with 78k km, it will be my daily car !

And yesterday as i was serching through the classifieds on the web i saw a 316i for sale and i got it.

The 316i doesn't look so good, the owner was a kid and it was all stance this stance that, whatever, i got it for V$ 600.

It has 180k km, dunno about the service history, it had 2 previous owners before the kid, the engine is stock (and weak as hell), it has coilovers and a bunch of rice. The rims didn't came on the deal, he got me some ugly ones to go with the car !

PICS (is what you all want !)

The M3 and the 316i (when i got the 316i Deal)

First mods to the M3, simple stuff, just window tint, and the chrome blacked out and i removed the front bumper grill.

For now the 316i is stored at the garage, when i have the time i'll give it a check all around.

See you !


V$ 15,025
X5 Paycheck - V$ 2,075
SOLD: MB - V$ 6,500 / CIVIC - V$ 5,000
BOUGHT: M3 - V$ 12,000 / 316i - V$ 600

TOTAL: V$ 16,000