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#112473   2017-01-04 19:52          
# doge : i was just about to post one
i imagine this one as some special edition collab betweet vw and audi :D
great job on mod bb, but audi parts take longer to load, more polies than vw? :D

Nope, it's caused from the textures, i didnt bother to make them in tga(even if technically dds is better lol)

Added 1 minute later:

# Back_in_Black : I hate BaeBoss for this. he teased me saying he is making a TT as a mod.. Didn't expect this..

HEY HEY HEY, i specified VW TT, not audi.
With so much drama in the V-S-T, it's kinda hard being Bigg B-O-double-S-ninetythree B)