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# David_2709 : want to join the schassis fucboi club?

Vehicle name: Nissan 240sx
Year: 1989
Miles: 110,000
Engine: Dual cam KA, no modifications besides a welded diff
Transmission: Stock Manual
Color (interior/exterior): Grey / Stock Purple
Condition: 8/10, no rust, straight chassis
List of options/add-ons: TopMix fibreglass front bumper replica, original (!) Type X Sideskirts, Chargespeed fibreglass replica back bumper, Work CR-01 with bald tires, 2x set of stock original alloys, one with shot tires, one without tires, original back bumper and pignose front bumper in original purple color in trunk,
Price: 3,100
Location of vehicle: SoCal (Bakersfield)
I'm in Temecula. If he doesn't buy it, I'll buy it off you and pick it up at my own expense.
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