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Hey guys, I don't want this to be a 100 page updae I will be quick.

Got a call from the insurance company to visit them for they paycheck and in the meanwhile I got a call from a serious car colector from Austra and he came to check out the AE86. During the weekend I also did some changes to the HCR32 :
Installed the old fog lights that I bought from doge a long long long time ago

Went to a Nissan tuner and switched from DETT to DET and detuned the engine to 650HP

Resprayed the cilinder head cover for V$50, engine tune and mod costed me V$100 + my old parts.

Also weekly income for last 2 weeks V$1500 + todays weekly income V$750, thats a total of 2250 + 50 that I had, V$2300 -V$150 = V$2150 remaining.
I put a price tag of V$8000 for the colector and will do a later update if he decides to buy it.

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Weekly Income : V$940/w