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Well well well, long time no update xD, well here is one.
My permanent plates arrived and I bought something else for my s15, and in the meanwhile my boss asked me to tow the AE86 to the shop right now since he wanned to see it (he actualy owned one in the 80s)

Since everyone in the shop is so negative cause the damage on the car the boss helped me to remove the leftover pannels and we will take out the engine tomorrow, since the weekend are our free days the boss said he will help me on the 86 till Monday, and thats the deadline in which we plan to fix the rear end damage.

So now to the S15.
I heared about 1 guy that makes parts for S Chassis and went to visit. For V$150 he made me custom versions of the stock side skirts and they look epic, also decided not to sell the lip and installed it back on the car. Now when I get some free time gonna paint them :D

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