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Soooooo, my shopping list has bean compleated xD.
Since garage nine is out of buissnes for who knows how long I decided to ask @FamouseMan (since he has got some connections xD) to help me get :

-Tein Super Street Coilovers for S15 Silvia
-4x Brembo 275mm discs
-4x Brembo 6 pyston calipers
And today the parts arrived at the shop where I work, and when I got my lunch brake I decided to skip lunch and install those parts (weight reduction bro).
Well the instalation of the parts was fast AF cause the coils were made for the Spec R S15 and were straight bolt on. The brakes were also for a S15 so they were straight bolt on fast too.

The current car ride height is 6.80 inches on all 4 corners, and I also had to get some low profile tires since the old ones that I had on the rims were hitting the inner wall.

I also removed the lip that was on the front bumper and its currently for sale, the price is V$150. I will post it in the used parts dealer so if somebody wants it pm me.
So since the install went fast I decided to go for a spin and check the cars behaviour now, and it feels awesome. Can't freaking wait tomorrow to go and tune that engine to 330-350hp. And on sunday I am going to visit @Markus for some touge runs whit my setted up daily :D

And now to the finances :
-Tein Super Street Coilovers for S15 Silvia - V$1750
-4x Brembo 275mm discs & 4x Brembo 6 pyston calipers - V$2350
-Bridgestone 215/40R17 - V$1250

-Total cost : -V$5350
-Remaining : V$6900

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