90's Golden Drift Spot Project #7 - Mountain Futatabi (再度山)

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Author: skyflightmusic
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<90's Golden Drift Spot Project>
This project is aiming to recreate the legendary drift locations in Japan, Its is a very popular drifting spot for drifters in the late 80's and the 90's. Although it is away from locations introduced by Inital D its remains a popular drift spot till today.

In Kobe, there's a famous mountain called Mountain Rokko (六甲山), super hot spot for all then Kansai racing and drifting scene. It even featured in the games like Touge Densetsu and Auto Modellista. But in real life, there's one more place that same popular as Rokko, but it never made it into any games. This is Mountain Futatabi (再度山).

Mountain Futatabi is along Mountain Rokko area, pass through Futatabi Park and a few historial places. It is also very close to the city like Rokko, have been counted as the best 4 racing location in Kobe.

Although it is a proper double lane road, the agressive up down and the narrowness are making challenge to even real life driving. Never ends tight corners also marked its difficulty compared to Mt. Rokko courses.

This map included:
- 16 pit boxes
- TV cameras
- Navigation map
- AI lane
- AO patch

Thanks to the below for making this happen:

90sGDSP team-
Sky Flight: Project leading, scene building, elevations fix, terrain
Namaewa: Road mesh, elevations, modeling

Leonardo Ratafia: TV cameras, testing
Soyo: AO patches



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