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So first of all , the BrapTeam is a SLRR modding team created in post 2016 (i don't remember exactly) by EliasFD3S , DOwDOw and Gorgoil. At the beginning , we were really motivated and started to work on tons of projects. DOw and Gorgoil were doing the 3D job and I was doing a part of the scripts (i was learning slrr modding in the same moment). But with the time , and life consequencies , we lacked motivation and stopped step by step our project. Gorgoil and DOwDOw were still working on their side but it didn't lasted so long. At the end of 2017 , Gorgoil left us to concentrate on his project with Andy Oliver so the team was just about DOwDow and myself. With the time , I discovered another guy named Driftmonkey. At the beggining , he didn't knew anything about SLRR modding but with the time and the motivation , he started to make some cool mods such as cars and engine parts. Now Driftmonkey is a complete mod maker capable of doing really good things. Monkey's motivation helped DOwDOw to restart his rotary project and so on. Now here we are !
DOwDOw is still doing the 3D job , whilst Driftmonkey do the 3D and the scripting. I'm doing some scripting and some little 3D jobs.

In this thread , you can download all our past mods and you can follow the creation of our new ones. Hope you'll have a good time here ! If you have any questions or suggestions , you can post them here.

Current members :

-Ah Uea

Cars :

-Scion FRS with Ryan Tuerck body kit ... t.rar/file

-Nissan 300ZX rescript by Driftmonkey

-Ferrari pack with a total rescript by Driftmonkey

-Lancer Evo X rescripted by Driftmonkey

-Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC300 by Thyago rescripted by EliasFD3S ... S.rar/file

Engines :

-Nissan SR engine pack by Driftmonkey ... e.rar/file

-Toyota 4A-GE edit by EliasFD3S and Driftmonkey ... n.rar/file

-Ferrari 458 Italia engine by DOwDOw ... 8.rar/file

-Old 13B edit from EliasFD3S ... B.rar/file

-M1 turboshaft engine by DOwDOw (single piece) ... o.rar/file

-B Series BETA-WIP by Ah Uea ... AWIPKA.rar

Misc :

-Baguette decoration mod by EliasFD3S ... e.rar/file

-NFS style font for SLRR by EliasFD3S ... t.rar/file

-Easy FORZA osd by BRCrew and EliasFD3S ... y.rar/file

-Bee*R Rev limiter (deco) by Ah Uea ... r.rar/file

-OMEX Rev limiter (deco) by Ah Uea ... R.rar/file

-Wisefab suspensions by DOwDOw ... b.rar/file

-DogeHouse bot script by EliasFD3S ...

Sounds :

-Daywhite V10 new sounds by Driftmonkey ... Sounds.rar

-Porkyboxer6 new sounds by Driftmonkey ... boxer6.rar

-Lambo V10 new sounds by Driftmonkey

-NA8C sounds by DOwDOw ... s.rar/file

Rims :

-Gorgoil rimpack scripted by DOwDOw ... k.rar/file

Maps :

-Lienz Festival by Driftmonkey ... l.rar/file

-Tsukuba BETA by Driftmonkey ... a.rar/file

-Grobknik (ALPHA and will never be finished) by Driftmonkey ... k.rar/file

-Willow Springs by EliasFD3S and Driftmonkey ... s.rar/file

Work in progress :

-Mazda Rotary pack (12a/13B/20B/26B)

-Mazda RX7 FD3S

-Nissan CA18

-Toyota 4A-GE update

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