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Welcome to the new VStanced portal! this will be very different to what we ran before but long term it will make more sense for us as a community where focus is games, mods, downloads and role-play which many of you and enjoy and use.

The over-all idea of the site has not changed but I've focused on the key areas.

them being:

Mobile support/responsive UI
Future growth/security etc.

To answer main questions:

What is happening with the old VStanced site:

Site will be frozen - no posting, no comments, no new pages, downloads etc and will be accessible under url if/when we need to grab something from it, find some info in the forums etc as it has a lot of comments, helpful topics etc there and we want to keep it running in the background.


On switch over day(which will be announced) we will lock/stop posting on everything, you will be able to simply create a new thread on this forum and continue "as is" with your weekly income, V$ etc, you'll also be able to link to your "old" RP thread in case members want to go back and read it, it will of course live on the page.


We will be transferring all the download pages to the forums, under download section here. The current download section including comments/feedback etc will be frozen/archived as is the rest of the site, but accessible if required.

No changes to this, stays as it is! :ugeek:

This should cover the basis but if you've got any questions feel free to ask here!


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