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03 Oct 2019 20:49

Used parts classifieds (閲ュホ)

Hey, what's up?

Well, here's another space for buying and selling stuff, like Craigslist or Ebay.

For posting the ad you need to follow this format :

Part :
Condition :
Price :
Location :
Photos :

For example :


Nissan S13 Usdm stock wheels without tyres
Good condition, maybe you will need to repaint them
$350 or best offer
Location : Glendale, CA.

Current Money : $38935

Roleplay info below...
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11 Nov 2019 16:40

Ay i'm looking to sell this few things
  • SR20DET Blue notch top + whole drivetrain
    Bone stock turbo, had running rich problem, probably ecu is broken, full engine harness for s14 zenki
    Price : ¥218,144 obo

  • SR20DET Black top + whole drivetrain
    Also bone stock turbo, runs good
    Price : ¥272,680 obo

  • Weds Kranze LZX Deep 18x10 with no name 245/20 tyres
    The rims are in farelly decent shape, slightly dusty but no scratches and not bent, tires little worn on the inside
    Price : ¥218,144 obo

  • Nissan S14 Zenki full navan body kit painted in purple with optional fog lights
    From a flooded car but it's not rusty just dirty, should come off with a wash
    Price : ¥21,811 obo

  • Nissan S14 Zenki Dmax hood
    Same as above
    Price : ¥43,622 obo

  • Nissan S14 trunk with Dmax lip
    Same as above
    Price : ¥2,726 obo

  • Wolk Racing CE28 with Continental's 245/25 with pink lug nuts
    From flooded car, dirty but will come off with a wash, tires are in as new condition.
    Price : ¥54,526 obo

  • R33 brakes front and rear
    Same as above
    Price : FREE

All of the items are in Utsunomiya, Japan. Will ship at my cost around Japan, if not in Japan than dm me for more info :D
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