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31 Oct 2019 05:52

Welcome to Smokiegun's Roleplay thread!

Hey there everyone! Super excited to finally get the chance to update you guys on what has been going on these past few months and all I can say for now is that the 525i has received some big changes and I look forward to showing you all but for now I'll share some small progress with you all!

So far these past few months all of my cars have stayed the same but the girlfriend finally decided to join the German squad but in a car you'd least expect, or at least a car I least expected. She had previously rolled around in a light blue Dodge SRT-4 when I had first met her but since then we've moved into a house together and have sold our old cars back then to place a down payment on the house, but that's besides the point. She'd finally gotten something she'd dreamed of since owning the SRT-4 and to say the least, it's not a BMW and i'm highly disappointed. Instead, she picked up a 15,709 mile, manual Carbon Steel Gray 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI which is surprisingly quick and nimble being a modern hot hatch. What more could I expect figuring I got a driveway full of check engine lights? We took the car around town taking turns driving it and all I have to say is I really love the way the car feels stock although she's already planning on turning it into a money pit and you can bet i'm gonna be the one paying for the modifications hahahaha. But this will be all for this update, stay tuned for the reveal of the 525i! ;)
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31 Oct 2019 06:40

Welcome back my man! :D
That's a really nice GTI I should say, a quick ticket to a fun and relatively speedy driving experience :)

But of course I'm looking forward to your 5-series collections as usual, and can't wait for the 525i reveal! ;)
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31 Oct 2019 08:17

Ayee, welcome back sir! That Golf look really god condition. :)
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31 Oct 2019 10:05

Welcome back! That's a real nice GTi!

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31 Oct 2019 10:22

Wellcome back habibi ;)
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