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I present to you a little version of SLRR I've been working on.

This version of SLRR is focused on realism and a playable career mode.

All cars have their own OSD, come with their OEM parts and as close to OEM engine I have access to, their own enemy racers and realistic prevalence in dealerships and races.

Base Game:
Dealer Mod
Some HD Textures
EngineSoundPack sounds mod
Open First Garage

Cars - As of 0.1:
Civic EJ2
Civic EG9
Civic EK9
Fairlady Z33
Silvia S14

Engines - As of 0.1:

Any enemy using the K20 will not shift out of first. I dont know why, the engines RPMs seem to be limited and the AI doesn't think he needs to shift.

I know it's not a lot, but I am aiming for quality, not quanity.

To do list:
Change Silvia name to 1995 Nissan Silvia S14
Remove Baiern Engines
K20 Sounds
K23/K24 Sounds
F20 Sounds
New Catalog Page Textures
New Loading Screens
More Music (Need help dont know how)
RB26 Recript/rename/sounds
Nissan Skyline
Honda NSX
Ford Mustang
Chevrolet Camaro
Lamborghini - any model
Dodge Viper
Ford Engines
BB93 LS3
Honda C30 Engine
Lambo V10
Toyota Supra
More career mode enemies
Rare versions of cars (Nismo, Spoon etc)
More Wheels
More Steering Wheels
Correct weight and weight distribution on all vehicles
Stickier Slicks
Organized Tire Catalog

If anyone can find a 2JZ that is open source, or someone who has the javas and wants to share them, please PM me!

I'll have more plans as I go on.

Credits to all the modders who have created the mods I'm using!

This is not even close to being done but it IS stable. Any feedback would be awesome. If you feel like helping just send me a private message. I'm doing this in my spare time and would appreciate help/advice! I hope to keep adding and adding, keeping it as stable as possible with a challenging/fun career mode.

If you have a mod that you think would fit into this SLRR, please PM me it (has to be open source!!)







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