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[center][h1]SLRR Light Edition[/h1][/center]
[center][h4]by Michael Shinoda[/h4][/center]

[h3]Main features:[/h3]
- based on BB93 v1.1 and includes all of its changes
- uncompressed game weighs 256 mb, compressed 94 mb
- the ability to use modifications from 2.3.0 LE
- made completely new interface
- improved overall stability of the game
- by default the game has 3 engines and 1 car
- the game is fully compatible with mods except MW_Mod.rpk file

- no more crashes in the city, at dealers and on the tracks due to the bad quality mods:
-- which means that now you walkthrough the game without losing progress
- completely new headlights and navigator scripts:
-- fixed crash caused by navigator
-- fixed inability to turn on the lights at a certain time
- improved video settings:
-- textures and shadows resolution increased to 8192 px
-- view distance increased to 10000 m
-- added the ability to disable track fog
- improved the painter mode scripts, now it working faster
- improved the mechanic mode scripts:
-- fixed inability to sell single part in the inventory without dragging it to the button
-- fixed loss of controlling car by mouse when using the mechanic mode on the track
-- fixed disappearance of parts from inventory when using the mechanic mode on the track
-- fixed duplication of parts in the inventory
- fixed "mad" cursor in the garage (when it was difficult to select the car part)
- many other small fixes and improvements

- the position of the standard osd elements adapted for 16:9 screens
- all standard wheels were replaced by steelies and don't appear in the catalog
- high-quality textures of asphalt and some objects in the city and on the tracks
- shadows for traffic cars and some objects in the city
- completely new garage
- new battery model
- new catalog

- add money and save game buttons in the garage
- parts position scripts with the possibility of changing the accuracy
- added the ability to disable the adjustability of the hood, trunk and doors
- extended possibilities of engine parts tuning:
-- adjustable fuel type script
-- adjustable engine block deck height and bore, cylinder head valve diameters and supercharger pulley diameter
- adjustable standard suspension, shocks, springs and swaybars
- F6 and F7 keys to the car on track repair duplicated by F10 and F11
- the ability to enter the garage from Track Selector
- the ability to disable police chase on the Test Track
- the ability to disable Time Attack on the Nevada Desert
- the ability to disable day and night races in Valo City
- Drift Mode setting which increases tire grip
- the ability to disable driver model from the options menu
- working swaybars script which can be turned off from the options menu
- the ability to customize the game interface

- standard cars, wheels, wings and some other parts
- Destruction Tools and the car jack

[h3]Patch 1.01 fixes:[/h3]
- fixed incorrect track fog behavior on low view distances
- values of Real and Emulated FFB Strength in the options menu have been adjusted
- fixed a bug causing the game to crash due to incorrect parts kits scripts
- other small cosmetic changes

FallVL - Frontend Textures
Lyoncha - Navigator and Lights Scripts
Mindeliszz - Swaybars Sripts
MisterSir - Suspension Scripts
Apendix - Adjustable Engine Scripts
RAXAT - Garage Cursor Fix
G4TNT - NOS Flames Texture
BenyUK - Lights and Smoke Textures
Jack_1990 - Catalog Kit Texture
Andrey Sych - Steelies Model
GTR-X-ITE - Edited Objects
Vasya Ivanov - Testing, Help and Support
Maxim Tiranov - Testing, Help and Support
Nikita Vishnyovsky - Testing, Help and Support
Grisha Fagradyan - Testing, Help and Support
Markovich Lazar - Testing, Help and Support
Konstantin Kosov - Testing, Help and Support


[h3]Download mirrors:[/h3]
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:
- Mirror 3:
- Mirror 4:

[h3]Patch 1.01 downloads:[/h3]
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]Patch 1.01 notes:[/h3]
- included to the main game archive since 24/Aug/2017
- if you had any extras from Optional Downloads section installed, you have to download and install them again

[spoiler=Optional Downloads]
[h3]$20,000 Initial Money:[/h3]
- changes the initial amount of money from $1,000,000 to $20,000
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]Sell Car from the Garage Button:[/h3]
- adds the button to sell your car straight from the garage
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]2.3.0 LE Style Catalog:[/h3]
- adds separation of engines by categories
- engine categories IDs matches the IDs from 2.3.0 LE patch
-- no more compatibility with engines from 2.2.1 and MWM
- other categories in the catalog are unchanged
- configuration file for the B.O.R.A.T tool included to the archive
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]2.3.0 LE Engines & Compatibility Patch:[/h3]
- adds all standard engines from 2.3.0 LE
- includes the patch for their ability to work on the 2.2.1 MWM version
-- but the ability to adjust engine block deck height and bore, cylinder head valve diameters and supercharger pulley diameter will be lost
- installation instructions included to the archive
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]HQ Traffic:[/h3]
- replaces all traffic to a better one
- optimized textures and rpk files for better performance
- may be compatible with other SLRR versions
- DHR - new traffic models
- Bigg Boss93 - original mod
- Robban9000 - Nissan Skyline R33
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]HQ Objects:[/h3]
- replaces some objects to a better ones
- some objects will cast shadows
-- same as in the original SLRR LE version
- may be compatible with other SLRR versions
- DHR - new objects models
- Bigg Boss93 - original mod
- Miran - help with converting
- Pro7 - help with textures research
- RAXAT - help with objects replacing
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

[h3]See also:[/h3]
- SLRR FXD Team VK page
- SLRR Light Edition VK page
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