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!SLRR BY L93v5!
Please do not set video settings to HIGH/ULTRA just like that!
Specially if you have not so good PC.
If you do that,don't wonder why your game doesn't work.
Don't install shitty mods in game,99% of problems are because of them.
[spoiler=Details]- script: Valo races day + night
- script: New damage level(now its normal)
- script: Dealer pays tou more money for your car
(now you can earn from 2000$ till 10.000$)
- script: 21 cars at Used Dealership (folder BONUS)
- script: Stock and Mod engines NOT together
- script: 3 times more traffic than in original slrr
- script: New position of a car in garage,not like in v1
- script: Straight wheels in garage,not like in v1
- script: When you start your game,your prestige is max - 270
- script: Save button in garage
- script: Money button in garage (+100.000$)
- script: ValoCity button in garage
- script: TestTrack button in garage
- script: Very small destruction of tires!
- script: 2 physics (Normal + Drift) , for good drift use (DRIFTv2)
- script: New career starts at 8am
- script: Dealers work from 8am till 8pm
- script: Full repair of cars and parts (max was 95%,now it's 100%)
- script: No more FOG at tracks
- script: Some new engine kits
- script: Airbag/Min:2.0 ; Max: 20.0
- script: MrSirRG/CamberMAX:15.5/MIN:-15.5/SpacerMAX: 1000
- script: FuelInjectorSystem(diesel,95,98...)
- script: Track/Valo/Roc Car fix (F7)
- script: New codes:
1.bfm (old: begformoney)
2.roc (old: letmeroc)
3.promo (old: fastpromotion)
4.cheat (old: i like cheating)
5.time (old: timemachine)
- ROC races work!
- Valo City works!
- Used dealership works!
- New dealership works!
- You can buy chassis or full car
- All cars have engines
- Prime DLH 500 (1000HP engine)
- l93 vip envmaps
- Neon lights
- Main menu VIDEO*
- Track selector VIDEO*
- Some new textures
- New info about cars in garage
- Added color to time and money in garage
- HQ Stock cars
- All Stock and some Mod engines have there own caterogies
- SLRR Editor can see all engines
- 2 new VIP engines - 2JZ-GTE and SR20DET
- fixed: Game stop working after message: This tire is to narrow
- fixed: Game stop working after going to dealer at 7am
- fixed: Can't move parts
- fixed: Flashing part names in garage
and more...
- many interesting and useful stuff in folder BONUS[/spoiler]
- If your game lags because of new 2JZ-GTE,install old version
from folder BONUS (2JZ-GTEv1).
It's the same engine but with different textures,which won't
make your game lag.

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