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- Hand made models;
- Hand made scripts (99,9% sure that it won't crash your game);
- Realistic materials;
- Made to fit Kee's Rimpacks

Known bugs:
- Sidewall heights may not be perfect (it is easy to fix it);
- Yeah, they don't grip so well. Javas are there though.
- If you find one let me know in Vstanced download page comments.

Feel free to reupload wherever you want, just put me as author. And if you want to convert it to another game, PM me and we'll talk.

• BFGoodrich g-force Sport (regular and stretched)
• Dunlop SP SportMaxx (regular and stretched)
• Advan Neova AD08 (regular and stretched)



Do you like my mods? Do you want more to come?
Fun fact: it takes few vodka bottles to make a wheel*.
*Not really, but you still can buy me one
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