Double Wishbone Fix MrSir by NFSFan96

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Double Wishbone Fix MrSir
This mod changes the way the suspension acts but is mostly an aesthetic improvement.

With the stock suspension as the car gets lower the negative camber increases and vice versa.

That makes it very difficult to make slammed cars and raised off road/drag vehicles because there would be excessive positive or negative camber.

I have include the class files and the source files so people can see what was changed if they wish to do so on other suspensions independently.

To Install:

copy MrSir_Running_Gear to where the original mod is and allow it to overwrite all files

Now you have double wishbone suspension, if you want to re-upload this mod please give credit where it is due.

Enjoy your new double wishbone suspension, NFSFan96.
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id really like too use these
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Is there a fix for it shifting the rear wheels forward?
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union_jay97 wrote:
27 Jan 2020 22:51
Is there a fix for it shifting the rear wheels forward?
Useless, if car mod was mistakely putting wrong postion,
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svander wrote:
05 Oct 2019 01:09
te mod muda a maneira como a suspensão age, mas é principalmente uma melhoria estétic
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