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SRT Viper 2013 for SLRR 2.2.1 and MWM

Copy to cars/racers

SRT Viper 2013 converted from Forza 4

If you want to use stripes paint rename "stripes paint.png" (located in Skypersrt_data folder) to "paint.png" and overwrite the original in texture folder.
Model have some HQ parts and with mihons engine it can be too much for some older PC. :D

SRT Viper uses two engines. Classic old viper engine and HQ SRT10 Mihon´s engine. If your game havent any of these engines your engine bay will be empty. First old engine is the same like in my older mod Dodge RAM SRT-10 so if you had problem with assembling the engine by the dealer you will have same problem. Download the engine named ViperSRT_ViperGTSR

Game version:

2.2.1 MWM
SRT Viper 2013 - uses old MQ engine
SRT Viper 2013 Mihons Engine - uses High poly SRT10 engine by Mihon

SRT Viper 2013 - uses old MQ engine
SRT Viper 2013 Mihons Engine - probably empty engine bay. (mihons engine does not support 2.2.1 i think)

Engine requirements:
In your game/parts/engines directory should be these engines

2.2.1 MWM


Dodge_BMW_Racing_V10 - IS NOT SUPPORTED BY 2.2.1 game version

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