Modding: render/model issue

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Working a new rim mod for SLR and ran into an issue.
Made the rim model myself in 3D Max 5.1
Have manage to get the rim into the game, i can buy it and mount it to the car etc. All good no issues here. :P

The issue is rendering the model ingame. It only renders the barrel and 1(half of one atleast) of 5 spokes.
If i replace the .scx file to some other rim.scx it works fine, i assume its something with the model or .scx export?
The face and barrel are 2 different pieces.
Ive tried to group them up, attatch them & weld them. Same issue everytime. Is it as simple as it must be one piece?

Any modder that have any clue of why this happens or have any tips on what to try?
Using the v3 exporter. Havnt found any working links for v4
Or do i have to remodel the rim to solve the issue? :lol:

Heres a picutre of it ingame:

Heres the picture of it in 3d Max:

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