Real rotation value

I just rescripted the first coordinates script by Franco(not available anymore since 16/03/2010), now the rotation script gives you real rotation of the part.
Enjoy it! :)

- EDIT 13/06/2013 - I noticed that sometimes the rotation script gave wrong coordinates, now is finally fixed and working in every condition, remember to align part pivot to world(align not center)

- EDIT 15/05/2018 - Okay it was still bothering with rotation, i noticed this not too long after i pushed the above update but i have never got around to fix it as i simply did the math manually(3.147/180*YOURDEGREE), until now, which i got the piss and finally fixed it forever.
Still you will have to make sure the base pivot position(before you apply an angle) is aligned to world, thus 0x0x0.
Forza models commonly(at least to me) give 90x0x0 degrees standard so you have to fix that before changing your rotation(say to a steering wheel pivot)

Have fun!


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1.   Posted by robban_9000   2013-05-09 13:37    

This is great, saves alot of time :)

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-05-09 13:47    

awesome! thanks for franco in the first place and thats for fixing it! :)

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-05-09 14:48    

next step is make it able to do the inverse process(you set coordinates, select the part and it move in the wanted position) :D

4.   Posted by robban_9000   2013-05-09 16:35    

ye, i used the usual script first to! Creds to franco! :) And that sounds awsome bigboss, awsome work! :D

5.   Posted by LowStandardsz   2017-08-24 14:27    

Does this still work? and if so how do i open it once installed?

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