an old project that has been sitting on my sl folder for a lot of time

This mod replaces almost every sound in the game, from frontend to collisions and environment(engines excluded).
No preview.

Have fun!


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1.   Posted by IMtheREALionKING   2013-04-18 01:46    

Okay, Now, since this is BB93s im trusting its probably great. BUT, I want to ask first. Someone whos already downloaded this, Is it awesome?

2.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-04-18 01:52    

^ unfaithful lol, you can dl it and listen to the single sounds since they are in .wav. ;)

anyway i suggest to make a backup, so if you doesnt like something can ever come back to originals. ;)

3.   Posted by IMtheREALionKING   2013-04-18 02:19    

Thanks! Never thought to do that.
And I am absolutely faithful! I just have no idea what to expect! :P

4.   Posted by slrrthai   2014-07-28 09:22    

GOOD ++++

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