2 videos of TDU2 - Feel them!

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1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-07 20:20    

while it all sounds good.. the short game play previews already disappoint me ;(

2.   Posted by Klobsters   2010-05-07 20:30    

Yeah.. They should be more and longer... Now it looks like about 5 cars and 5 videos of them! :D But I hope it will be as she said. More cars in different classes... I'm tired of seeing only supercars in racing games. This would be like forza on PC! :)

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-07 20:40    

she kinda said "exclusive sport Luxury etc" cars :( so we wont see normal cars. which is a SHAME and im bored of this exotic bs..

4.   Posted by Jaziba   2010-05-07 20:56    

just when i thought it couldnt get worse TDU2 is on our door step :/ cant wait for Turn10 to start working on FM4 :D xD

and look @ the second vid, and only watch her facial expressions >< xD

5.   Posted by svander   2010-05-07 22:01    

It looks arcadeish

6.   Posted by Klobsters   2010-05-08 07:51    

Let's try to guess what cops are going to do new :D It sounded interesting :D

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