Tired of typing the "begformoney" code every time you open a new career for reasons? Here's your best solution; Now you can set a specify amount of cash, choose what garage you wanna stay, and even change your career name. For those who don't want to waste time typing cheat codes like "begformoney" or "fastpromotion".

1.   Posted by rodrigo   2013-06-07 23:38    

not walk :/

2.   Posted by uoki   2013-12-17 23:43    

dont work... some help?

3.   Posted by dthug69   2014-02-10 03:19    

umm mine dont work :( :( :/

4.   Posted by Mostwanted2005   2015-01-26 16:37    

There is a missing files from it so it doesnt work :/

5.   Posted by Emi_XD126   2016-05-16 00:52    

Doesnt work

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