Basically we(some of us) are having problems with image hosting :) so at the moment i recommend not to use it while i look/sort out the problems... seems like our server has a "time out" issue and stops loading images after some time... once sorted i will let you know!

sit tight... rub hard..
1.   Posted by Palus   2010-05-03 20:57    

it's working perfect for me. ;)

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-03 21:03    

me too.. but not everyone :( seems like slower connection users just get problems.. like a time out or something similiar.. ill speak with the provider :]

3.   Posted by svander   2010-05-04 01:38    

I have a 4 mb connection and still have problems :S

4.   Posted by Hakosabi   2010-05-04 12:13    

I have in university room slow connection and everything works fine.

5.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2010-05-04 14:32    

i tried to upload with the vstances fuckloader, but the pig, sorry pic loads slow and when it is loaded, the pic disapear and i see a red cross.

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