Porsche Carrera RS '73 converted from FM4

PORSCHE Carrera RS 73 converted from Forza motorsport 4 by; robban_9000

This mod is not perfect in sense of 3d etc..
It could be better. But im happy with the result, and i hope you guys are to.

I dont know about bugs etc, i havent tested it that mutch, but it should work good.

Have fun, and post many pics of this car in the "Showoff" topic now! ;)

Greetings, Robban.
1.   Posted by robban_9000   2013-02-10 21:29    

Alternative links:



2.   Posted by Arbis1   2013-02-11 03:10    

WOW! Thank you!

3.   Posted by Balkanec   2013-02-11 21:54    

Look's good. Let's test it.

4.   Posted by FJ   2013-02-13 12:31    


5.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-03-14 03:14    

Hella nice!

6.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 10:28    

This is beautiful ! Simply love the older Porches :-X :awesome:

7.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2013-12-30 17:28    

If this was real life i would promise to drive this rauh-welt profesionally but thnx man life saver :awesome: :awesome:

8.   Posted by Dappatho   2014-10-29 21:54    

how do i get a engine in the car?

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