This s13 is done by Svander Razine and Phys Diegorborges work by 95% was cast by Svander hope you enjoy

1.   Posted by FJ   2012-12-27 07:51    

Awesome! really great car :D
only that the custom tailights are in the"body parts" section and it's kinda confusing for me.

2.   Posted by Dariuss   2012-12-27 10:28    

Great job!Awesome car!

3.   Posted by tomaukz   2014-07-08 07:15    

where is that rocket bunny spoiler? i cant find it

4.   Posted by TomikaSK8   2014-07-12 12:50    

my game always crash when I go to the car dealer.... Anybody knows why??

5.   Posted by godzilla821   2015-07-22 15:13    

Invalid clickdef (00000113) in 007c00d2 (cars\racers\Sil13.rpk)

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