Forgot in previous version go onto modified ENB, so I made this update. Modified ENB called Hybrid ENB, the aim of it is to use two ENB d3d9.dll
libraries (I'm not a developer of it, but someone of the biggest fans of GTA SA), one from GTA SA 0.075s, and one from Richard Burns Rally 0.075.
For GTA SA this symbiosis gives its advantages, but the main for me, and the only one working in SLRR is simultaneous using of two effect.txt's
So, the changes:
-first effect.txt still gives chromatic aberration effect, but I reduce its strength.
-seconnd and now new effe2t.txt gives an improved DoF effect.
-I changed game color sheme. in previous version it's too saturated, there were mostly too dark and too bright places, escpecially in transitions of dark and light tones. plus cold gamma. now it's fixed, also relevant changes done in SweetFX.

1.   Posted by Sparco   2013-02-02 14:41    

I did not do it with download game front :(

2.   Posted by TheRERsWkshp   2013-02-18 01:12    

Gamefront isn't working, can you reupload it somewhere else?

3.   Posted by 84accord   2013-04-02 08:46    

do i have to activate it or is it just always on?

4.   Posted by The1Hairy   2013-04-06 03:19    


5.   Posted by neboonel   2013-04-08 20:13    

new link :D

6.   Posted by hitman3695   2013-04-19 07:46    

It says that my game is missing the d3d9.dll

7.   Posted by dxg1997   2014-09-28 01:14    

^Same, even though I put the 9.0 in as well as the 9.1. pops up and says the error, like, 15 times.

8.   Posted by ThaGhost   2014-11-04 01:23    

I don't understand how to install this, and where is the ENB/Main Game Directory?!

9.   Posted by AtomicCraZe   2015-01-17 14:55    

You put the ENB in the SLRR main direcotry press Shift+F12 to start if you get Any error with D3d9.dll it might be you Nvidia Experience

10.   Posted by JDM as F*cK   2015-06-14 19:36    

fix link, please

11.   Posted by Gustavodantinho   2016-04-18 17:34    

Fix link, please

12.   Posted by Gage   2016-05-18 00:58    

link goes to a magazine??

13.   Posted by faridarfin   2016-08-08 06:57    


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