Gratz to Bigg Boss93! Clearly a winning shot here! :) + quite a bit of extra work done on it! well done man!

Also! Don't forget to join our current "FREEDOM" photocompetition @ THIS THREAD

1.   Posted by Franco   2012-11-02 23:00    

Congrats!! really deserved it!

2.   Posted by Daniel   2012-11-02 23:09    

Congrats Marco!

3.   Posted by Marìo Alonzo Garcia Duque De Los Perros Lindos   2012-11-03 01:19    

thanks, the bora upgrade will be released soon(with lots of new parts for bora front end too) ^^

4.   Posted by blast   2012-11-03 03:08    

Congrats Marco! awesome ride

5.   Posted by almerrevienza   2012-11-09 06:04    

congrats!!awesome i very like your ride :awesome: :troll:

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