lots of new colors for customize your cars and parts

Installation: drop it in your game folder

Have fun!


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1.   Posted by FJ   2012-10-05 17:58    

Nice1 BB93.
For those you don't have the catalog thing they gonna need it :P

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-10-05 18:05    

oh post a link to it too! :)

3.   Posted by FJ   2012-10-05 18:09    

no wait the paint mod come's with it.
I just tried it and i think i will never run out of color choices...

4.   Posted by Chris69   2012-10-05 20:38    

where is the download link? :/

5.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-10-06 02:29    



6.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-22 10:54    

WOW! Can't wait to try ! Great job man, you RULL ! :awesome:

7.   Posted by Carlou   2013-07-29 03:37    

works on 2.3.0?

8.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-10-27 13:06    

i dont know, you should make a backup of your files and try it

9.   Posted by Z0om3r   2013-11-14 11:14    

What garage is that ? Looks like the one from Need for Speed World

10.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-07-24 06:01    

That's MDM Garage mod.

11.   Posted by DWhittaker   2014-10-05 07:53    


12.   Posted by DoggedSpace199   2014-10-17 23:32    

what texture pack its that? its looks very smooth

13.   Posted by bent   2014-10-23 20:10    

I am on mwm it works but when I install the frontend I have no way to launch the game just the yellow arrow.

14.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2015-01-04 23:56    

@DoggedSPace199: it comes with the pack.

@bent: I dont think i have understood you, could you reformulate?

15.   Posted by CarbonConcept   2015-07-30 04:04    

what version is his for?
MWM or 230LE?

16.   Posted by tombaddog   2015-10-13 05:12    


17.   Posted by Herecomedatboi   2016-06-11 07:17    

how to install it?

18.   Posted by StratoWolf   2016-11-27 13:13    

Doesn't work

It crashes when I select my profile

19.   Posted by StratoWolf   2016-11-27 16:50    

nvm it works

20.   Posted by JoNnii   2016-12-01 20:22    

So... Where the hell do I get the catalog mod, so that I can actually use this properly?
Been looking for a while now and can't find anything.

it's all just messy now.

21.   Posted by JoNnii   2016-12-01 20:33    

Forget my last comment... Wish I could delete it. xD

22.   Posted by Rodmann112312   2017-02-27 07:00    

my icons are messed up how to fix??

23.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-08-29 14:34    

Guys if your icon is messed up and all,Try not to replace the frontend.rpk with the frontend.rpk in this modfile.Keep your stock frontend.rpk.Well it works for me.

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